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Moso Bamboo

When you choose Plyboo Moso Bamboo Flooring you are making a “green” choice. Smith & Fong Co. make our bamboo flooring, plywood, and veneers from Moso bamboo (Pyllostachys hedrocycla pubescens).

Because Moso Bamboo grows quickly, the bamboo forest canopy can be harvested annually leaving behind more than 80% with each harvest. Over a period of 5 years, one hundred percent of the forest can be sustainably harvested.

Smith & Fong Moso Bamboo flooring products install easy are durable and friendly to the environment. They are an excellent choice for clean, “green” natural wood flooring with Zero added formaldehyde and are perfect for both commercial or residential environmental applications.

Smith & Fong Plyboo is the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of moso bamboo products for over 24 years. Their moso bamboo flooring, moso bamboo plywood, moso veneers and moso dimensional lumber products were first to achieve FSC certification for moso bamboo.

Plyboo’s products include:

Moso bamboo flooring
Moso bamboo decks and decking
Moso bamboo dimensional lumber & worktops
Moso bamboo sports & fitness flooring
Moso bamboo plywood panels and veneers
Smith and Fong Plyboo also have a line of Palm palm flooring, plywoods and veneers for home and architectural use.

Credentials for their products include: Soybond, which has Zero Formaldehyde content as well as BambooPure – whch has zero added Urea-Formaldehyde.

Certifications include FloorScore, Indoor Advantage Gold and FSC 100%.

Brand names include:

STILETTO, our stylish click flooring line from New York City

Plyboo DEX, Smith & Fong’s moso bamboo decking

Smith & Fong Moso Bamboo dimensional lumber (BDL)

BambooQuiet, a noise abatement flooring system perfect for soundproofing and deadening applications.

BambooFiT , a sprung padded exercise room flooring

Easy to work with, Smith & Fong Moso Bamboo Plywood can be sanded or cut utilizing standard woodworking equipment while offering incredible dimensional stability. Sanded to a smooth grit (180), Smith Fong Moso Bamboo Plywood is an open grained material that takes stains and finishes exceptionally well. With its durability, easy installation and good looks, Smith & Fong Bamboo architectural plywood is often selected for its environmental credentials as well as its versatility in design applications.