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Bamboo Veneers

Amber Edge Grain  Natural Edge GrainHavana Strand

Neopolitan Strand  Natural Flat GrainAmber Flat Grain

Sugar Flat Grain DurapalmEdge Grain Coconut DurapalmSugar Edge Grain Durapalm

Flat Grain CoconutSahara Strand

Smith & Fong Veneers are available in Bamboo, Strand and Durapalm.

Bamboo Veneers are manufactured from laminated blocks of bamboo that are then sliced and sanded. The veneers are backed with a fine fleece material to give the products stability and strength.
Strand Veneers carry the trademark look and durability which is created by shredding, bundling and then pressing bamboo strips into a dense and lightly-striated material that is well suited for commercial use, but is also popular among homeowners for its warm aesthetics.
Durapalm furniture-grade palm wood is made entirely from plantation-grown coconut or sugar palm trees that are past their fruit bearing years. The 100% coconut or sugar palm products come in edge and flat grain and range in colour from dark to medium-red mahogany.