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Squared Bamboo Floor

Smith Fong Bamboo Squared end grain bamboo flooring is a mosaic-like flooring option giving a refreshing new look to sustainable architecture and design. The unique mosaic of the end grain bamboo flooring speaks to the next generation of architectural bamboo. This end grain orientation gives the appearance of squares, which give a fresh edge to sustainable architecture and design. Smith Fong Bamboo Squared provides a unique twist on bamboo for commercial and residential applications. Smith Fong Bamboo’s end grain bamboo flooring can be special ordered FSC-certified and NAUF.

PlybooSquared is available FSC® 100% certified and PlybooPure (no added urea-formaldehyde, NAUF). Color options for PlybooSquared bamboo flooring are: Amber, Natural, Foundation Brown, and Luminous Grey.

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