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Plywood and Veneers

Smith Fong Bamboo Plywood has four variations of construction:Three-Ply is the most common and has been in use since 1996. This construction employs a perpendicular core running the width of the panel. The core is constructed of multiple strips of bamboo. These strips are laminated into a single-piece core board. The surface plies are assembled in a similar fashion and laminated to top and bottom with grain running the length of the panel to complete the three-ply construction.

Linear Construction: Linearly laminated panels come in two types: edge grain “single ply” lamination and a four-ply linear lamination where in both constructions, all the strips are running the length of the panelwith no inner cross-ply core.

Edge Linear Construction: With the edge-grain construction, and working with a strip that is 6mm thick (edge) and 18mm wide (face), multiple strips are laminated face to face, (the 18mm face) so that when fully laminated, the surface expresses the 6mm edge-grain of the bamboo strip giving it a distinctive linear look.

Flat Linear Construction: The linear 4-ply lamination method employs the same dimension of strip as above but is laminatededge to edge, exposing the 18mm face of the strip in a 1220 x 2440mm panel. These 1220 x 2440mm panels are then laminated ply upon ply in a linear, not perpendicular, fashion to create this look and design.

Five-Ply End Grain Construction: Our end grain or Smith Fong Bamboo Squared™ product is a five-ply construction that employs our standard three-ply construction as a core and the end-grain face plies are applied top and bottom to complete the design.